Tori Clark

CEO/Author/Motivational Speaker

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Tori Clark, CEO/Author/Motivational Speaker


I am a 48 year old mother of three and grandmother of four.  I started writing years ago and it is a passion of mine to tell different stories, I write everything from romance, to inspirational to suspense. Writing is a getaway for me, it allows me to be free from what's going on in the world.  

I have a talk show that was created for woman about issues that we face on a daily basis, on my show I not only talk about the issues no one else wants to talk about but I speak on things that I have personally been through, this is what makes me different from other talk shows.  I also motivate my listeners and give them advice on how I have overcome a situation.

I started Consulting because I saw a need for small businesses and authors to have some place to go for advice or assistance that understood what they where going through and wasn't going to cost them a lot. I believe in helping each other succeed because my success is not only measured by how well I do but also how well those that I have helped do.